Bye Bye Blemish: About Us


At American International Industries, we built our reputation on delivering performance-driven hair products that work with efficacy and ease. As professional hair experts, we’re at the forefront of recent advances in hair growth science. We understand the biology of what keeps hair on your head versus what makes it shed. We’re on a mission to save every strand we can, committed to solving thinning hair at its source -- and with the most advanced methods available. We seek to bring hair to its fullest appearance so that men and women can enjoy life to the fullest.

When it comes to hair care innovation, we love being in the thick of the action. We’ve dedicated years of research and tested hundreds of new technologies for hair restoration but it wasn’t until we discovered the Bye Bye Blemish Thinning Hair + Scalp Care System and personally witnessed the results on thinning crowns and hairlines that we knew we had a treatment therapy that worked. Our intensive anti-hair loss regimen is designed for both men and women with a potent combination of natural ingredients that thickens thinning hair in 60-90 days. The densifying formulas work on a micro-level within the follicle to help create the optimal environment for visibly thicker, fuller, stronger hair.